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EFF Patent Busting
In an fantastic display of their freedom motivated spirit the EFF is going after the removal of several patents that are just to broad and vague to be issued to any one entity. Most of these are not just broad but also in existence and widely used prior to the patent application, making the attempt to patent them a ridiculous idea that would stifle creativity. Check it out for yourself and join the Patent Busting.

Patent Busters

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Created: 11/01/2005 13:23:11 By: athenz
Before or After
I am very interested in autolinking site references when the address is enclosed in a < url > tag. The question is whether you want it written to the browser with the link but stored in the DB with the < url > tag or the other way around. As I see it, writing it to the DB with the link in it allows for editing or elaboration of the link after the post as opposed to just being limited to whatever you put in to start with.

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