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EFF Patent Busting
In an fantastic display of their freedom motivated spirit the EFF is going after the removal of several patents that are just to broad and vague to be issued to any one entity. Most of these are not just broad but also in existence and widely used prior to the patent application, making the attempt to patent them a ridiculous idea that would stifle creativity. Check it out for yourself and join the Patent Busting.

Patent Busters

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I am in the process of disassembling all Pinnacle ShowCenter .NET assemblies to clean them up and update the framework version. Watching the ShowCenter server with Process Explorer (SysInternals/Microsoft) shows an enormous number of locks and contentions. I am going to rip it all apart, put it back together, and see what it looks like then.

More to follow...

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Created: 11/22/2005 01:02:16 By: athenz
Really Cool Infrared Shot
I like this one a lot...

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Created: 11/20/2005 20:59:50 By: athenz
Personal Office
After giving the office to Tina I am moving all of my computer stuff into the basement. Nice digz, plenty of space and I can literally skate or jump rope while writing code ?!? I will post some pictures soon.

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Created: 11/10/2005 16:51:16 By: athenz
Halloween Pumpkin
In keeping with tradition, I cut a pumpkin with Mayas face in it since this is her first real halloween (by real I mean that she is aware of). I did the same thing for teegan.

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Created: 11/01/2005 17:53:14 By: athenz
Site Engine
This site and the dynamic engine behind it is probably the longest running project (aside from life itself) that I have undertaken. I have been running this since something like 2000.

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Created: 11/01/2005 16:40:18 By: athenz
Acrylic Pig
After we fixed the CNC machine at DePaul we made our first full test cut. This was a slab of acrylic and we cut the word PIG into it with a boxed border. Taylor was kind enough to construct the model and turn it into a toolpath. I fixed the z-axis and Rob brought all the cutting bits as well as helping with the troubleshooting. It was a lot of fun. Now I have to figure out what I want to cut into the 1inch slab of acrylic that lives like a Gorilla in my garage.

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*** Updated: 11/01/2005 15:20:38 By: athenz ***
Infrared Mustek DV4000
After the entries on I decided to put together one of the cameras I have laying around and convert it as well, with the intention of course of exploring the project and its challenges. This also provides a unique opportunity to experience the infrared spectrum. I will post the full write-up tomorrow night but in the meantime here is a pic of the camera and a couple of pics taken with it. Keep in mind here that I used old negatives as the...

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